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My Story

                Belle D' Kouture is an upscale on-line ready to wear modest women's clothing boutique.

                                                          Privately held label registered in Atlanta Georgia.

Belle "D" Kouture was formed out of frustration that turned into inspiration, out to solve a problem; she embarked on a journey to bring her vision to life.


Dedicated to helping women and serving the community, she launched her company online, although still new, Belle “D” Kouture CEO, Dorothea Muhammad already has gained substantial recognition in the market, featured in several fashion shows including Paris Fashion Week.

Where her bold and contemporary designs of modest fashion have proven popular with women in general and  within months it became clear that interested consumers swarmed in from across the globe to purchase Belle “D” Kouture garments, the brand is more than just a clothing line.


Dispelling its common misconceptions that modest fashion caters only to Muslim women now, Belle “D” Kouture is a resource where countless women can shop from the comfort of their homes.

The name Belle "D" Kouture was created from the following, Belcher is my maiden name, which is where Belle originates from. “D” is the initial of my first name, and Kouture means “the business of designing, making and selling fashionable women’s clothing” which defines the boutique and its essence of inclusion with pre't-a-porter or "ready to wear" clothing.

It represents women’s empowerment and taking pride in one's  identity, especially in these critical times.


Having a purpose beyond selling clothes doesn't just make them successful, but it also sets Belle “D” Kouture’s Collection apart from her competitors as a distinct and meaningful brand.

Islam holds women in very high esteem and the Islamic rules of covering are intended to protect and guard our dignity and honor, as covering  is a form of modesty. 

All of the clothing are carefully designed with Godly consideration from the eyes of a woman, made from top quality fabrics such as Poly Poplin, Wool and Chinese Brocade.

    My goal is to provide an extensive line of modest affordable clothing, without having to sacrifice style.


                      Modesty and femininity is my motto            “Fashion is my passion"

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